Saturday, June 27, 2009

I wonder how she’s doing

Okay, The other day I talked to my Girl J, She was going through some things. and well I really hope she get that issue straight,  as much she loves him. I don’t think he’s seeing it to say he’s not happy. I just think she should speak her mind to him about those issues. I love talking to her, but I ain’t her man, ya know.  It would be great if I was, but hey She’s In her own with him now.

She Called like “Ya friend been trippin” .. and i was like Who? lol… she was like Wes.. I said Ahh what happened this time .. When she told me what was up it was like.. all i could do was listen. the best I could do is tell her that she really needs to let him Know how she feels about that.  because other than that he wont understand it until yall aren’t together.  Note. They’ve been together for 4 years.. now he complains that Things are going sour. but she says its because he really isnt doing anything to make it better. he just seems to want her for pleasure and stuntin’ Purposes.. I mean, she’s a beautiful girl with a “Status” because of what she does. but she’s just a regular girl with problems like us all. and what they’re going through can be easily resolved if they could come to an understanding of their needs and wants in their lives together. I love that girl and I hate to see her unhappy.

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