Saturday, June 06, 2009

We All Have Things We Go Through..

And then their are other things..

The Big News this week in the HBCU World is Professor Edwards Death & now Yesterday's Funeral Services. According to Adran as well as a few others it was Beautiful. I'm still waiting on Footage other than the News Video. I Have Yet to post anything of the funeral. to the main Marchingsport website. but I will soon.

Also today Niqueta's Funeral. ...One Unforgettable Life will be laid to rest. Thank you for being you. you've served your purpose. She's been a blessing to many, Now her life is celebrated by her family and friends all over the south as well.

Although this doesnt Fit in here, Yesterday I got some bad news from my friend Quisha, after a day without conversing with her by phone. she told me she needed me for comfrort. unfortunately I didn't call anytime that day. Well a Friend of hers was killed after a fight. the guy was shot in his face and run over by the guy who shot him. this all happened infront this guys mother. How sad. That is the kind of thing that makes me sick. Even after discussing Murder and death with her prior to this guy being killed. Sensless acts of Violence in Louisiana. SMH.

At times I don't know what to say about murderous crime other than the fact that cowards Kill.

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