Sunday, June 07, 2009

Shame, I just got up

After a Day of no Sleep. I wake up and it's 1:30.. So I guess I'll reflect on yesterday.

I stood up all day night before last because I was talking to Ashley about EVERYTHING as usual. I expected to be leaving at about 9:am to head to wal mart but nah. my Brother and Nephew didnt get Ready.. in fact my nephew was up all night as well and fell asleep. I tried my hardest not to sleep and I found myself exhausted by the end of the day.

We wen't to walmart at about 3pm. The one on Tchoupitoulas LOL "The St. Thomas Wal-Mart" .. I we made it there and i see FRED with the HEAD! .. man I havent seen that dude since 2002... I spoted Him and His Wife Onya LOL i think im spellin that right ..LOL .. AND HIS KID! they have been together since we all were at Kennedy. I had to get his number because he has the Band FOOTAGE i Need! .. Other than that I saw Dejuan in there.. yeh Dejuan from my Phillips days ..LOL.. Man I havent seen THAT kat since Pre Katrina too. LOL

I'm tellin ya, you go to That Wal-Mart at any given time and you WILL spot folks you know.. The only thing i HATE is that. It's The Hood Walmart .. TOO MANY PEOPLE were in there ..LOL it was like Being in The Hood FO REAL.. shew man when u think about it .. It was the Hoods Replacement ..LOL.

Wow man.. Uhh.. When I got home I was Too Tired. I took a Nap on the sofa and Avoided having to watch my nephew I think i went in at about 7 or 8 and JUST got up ..LOL

Ain't That Something.. Honestly yall.. I'm Stressing and I need More Sleep. Too Much Death is happening and between That and the Non Sleep.. Yeah. I need some REST
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