Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4am and I’m Not Feelin’ Great

Tonight, I went to sleep earlier than usual, prompting me to wake up at 3am. Therefore I’m up.  But for the past 3 days I’ve had a puss bump on my nose. This is the 3rd one this year.  and it’s got my nose all Dark on one side.  I have to make it  burst somehow. But I don’t want to damage my skin. bad enough it’s discolored from the scars of the last ones.  I have to pop it in order to get the puss out.  I’ll probably use one of my  Thumbtacks … Burn that sucka first and POP! ..LOL..  it’s not big, it just Hurts. and It’s got me feeling weird.

Yesterday.. Or atleast the day before Yesterday. (YEAH!)  Our house was inspected again by the housing authority. This time we passed.  Last time the because of the construction in our yard, they failed us.    oh..  I also managed to give that PC away. now I have 2 that i need to do something with. what is it that I have to do? .. IONO YET But I MUST attempt again to get that PC working.

Other than  that.. Yeah I’m still Lookin… 

.. I’ll blog on that in a minute.

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