Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Y Come Wednesday | First one in 2009

Okay, I haven’t done this in a long time. But, in the past On Wednesday's I’d make a why come entry on every Wednesday  whether it be through Facebook or on the forums @ da Spote.   so today, this is a first in a While.

With that said, Y Come doesn't have to be “How come” Question. Sometimes  its a run on sentence,  Sometimes its Stress reliever.. Sometimes an incomplete thought, sometimes a broken paragraph ….

and Here we Go

Y Come I’m Up so early?
Y Come Ain’t much to do?
Y Come I’ll be sleep in a Minute?
Y Come There’s too much murder going on in the city?
Y Come I remember back when One or Two people would get shot in a week and That was BAD!
Y Come Now you could go can’t go a day without hearing about MULTIPLE Murders in a days time.
Y Come Every day it’s getting worse
Y Come whole families are being targeted
Y Come It’s like they don’t care about life
Y Come  Every year somebody says “It’s gonna be a Hot Summer”
Y Come and it’s always true!.. If the police aint Hot on the streets, The Murder rate rizes..
Y Come and that’s usually in the DAY LIGHT…
Y Come when 300+ People are getting Killed That Ain’t good.
Y Come I’m not a Scary person but I refuse to be in an area where i’m bound for a bullet
Y Come but it can happen anywhere..
Y Come  AIGHT. Change of Subject..LOL
Y Come  So I’ve been Thinking about these females
Y Come  why is is that they’re so hard to get one
Y Come  It’s like You try to and try and nothing happens
Y Come  it’s like, everybody likes me, but nobody likes me.
Y Come  The ones I talk to on the daily, I just can’t see myself with.
Y Come  It’s Like this… I can’t Just tell somebody something without acting up on it
Y Come  and with my status I can’t act up on anything.
Y Come  For example: There is the One girl I’ve liked for a long time.
Y Come I know she’s very down to earth and not stuck up by a long shot.
Y Come But I can see that the kind of dudes she likes all fit in a similar box.   
Y Come  There’s This Other Girl I Find Very attractive.
Y Come  She  Has a Kid though…
Y Come  It’s not a bad thing, I wouldn’t mind keeping her.
Y Come  I’ve never talked to her by phone and she lives in San Antonio
Y Come  and as for the Other Girl.. yeah she’s one of my best friends
Y Come  The Only thing about that is.. I know she doesn't see me as I see her"
Y Come  There are other females I’ve had crushes on..
Y Come  But  The Crushes Have Died.. LOL
Y Come  With That Said.. I know that I have to Fix myself up before I can get a female in my life.
Y Come  I think I’ll have to change some of my habits..
Y Come If I get out more maybe I can find a girl here
Y Come  But as I said… I don’t want to deal with a New Orleans female.
Y Come But That would probably get me shot at or
Y Come Females are so hard to deal with
Y Come. I havent Changed my Facebook Status in a Hot minute,
Y come I Might want to do that!
Y Come Note From The Book

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