Friday, July 03, 2009

Here’s The Memo

Okay folks, If you’ve been reading for a while you may have noticed both small and large changes to this blog over time. I sure wish i had a screenshot of my this blog when i First started it. THAT WAS UGLY!.. Well let me get straight to the point..

Today I sat here and looked at the Sidebar of my blog.  Well, Above my Profile Section there was “Who’s The Book?”  well, I am “The Book”.. but that’s not where I’m going…. I was thinking of a Catchy name..  at first I thought, “Side Note”  and after thinking of what a side note is….  I decided  to call my Sidebar section “The Memorandum”  with that said..LOL I may wind up creating a blog and calling it that..

As i was saying in a previous entry, I want to create another blog, but this time with co authors..  and That would be a Cool name too..LOL

BACK TO WHAT THIS WAS ABOUT!   Check The Sidebar Title>

NOW!.. Rather than putting “About Me” Back up there, I’m like… this is a blog, people will Know about me when they read, therefore having it there is useless..LOL

At This Point, I’ll Take a Nap


Note From The Book

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