Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Spectrum of Light

The Title is Inferior to this entry.. lol


Aight, So I got a call from my boy Tramaine. He called all upset asking about friday’s JFK High school alumni bash and if i knew… I told him yeah. Then he started Ranting.. “Well Why Didn’t you tell Me?” and all that.. I’m like MAN I DONT CLUB!!.. … And I Sure Aint the Advocate of Club Promotion ..LOL

Ahh and then he asked me about a Girl named Crystal who played the Flute in our band.. I’m lke Dude she Married.. he was like “U Lyin’!… Who She Married to?” I said NAAHH MAN ..She Married to Greg Older Brother..Former Bone player in the band..

He was like .. O O I'NE-KNO!!

then he hung up.. lol.. THATS WHAT YA GET!

I hate when he call askin stuff and then get mad when I didnt tell him about SMH! how dumb..

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