Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where Am I?| Candid Video Of My HS Band

LOL @ This, My boy Malik sent me this on Youtube. It’s Me and My section walking to the Parade site’s starting grounds. LOL.. You see how they Asked for Me and know one else? ..LOL   My Boy .. Jamal & George on the side Ribbin’. Faulon ain’t suited up.. LOL   T and GP up front, Yet the person in the crowd asked for who? .. ME!!

I’m the Last guy in the back on the side close to the cam

Here the “Who’s Who”

Left Side Right Side
Tremaine GP
Balloo Jigg (Jiggly Puff)
Brandon Jonas
Me “Bookman Alawooshus


I was actually The Section Leader. but It was I liked to be at the tail end of the Section to see everything going on..   and Besides, I could Just about do what I wanted….lol

Notice how Quiet the section and then look at me.. Talkin’.. Looks Like I was Responding to one of them boys calling me/..LOL…


Ahh High School Days, the Parades I Miss.. I WAS READY FOR WAR!!


Note From The Book

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