Sunday, July 12, 2009

Screenshots of Failure | SLAW!

Aight,  In the Band world, anything that is Lame, distasteful or just plain sux gets the SLAW Rating..

Here are a Few Screenshots i find Slaw…

For Example, Some Dude wrote in my Honesty Box… Usually its supposed to grasp the attention of the OPPOSITE SEX … Blue Specifies a Male.

And then their was This One Today.. (Notice The giant “SLAW” edit with red markings

I posted this Image in a Previous Blog, But Here it is.. Wrong Spelling in a Group title..

It’s Supposed to say “Human Jukebox

Then. Their’s the Lameness of Percy on Facebook Statuses ..

The Lameness of Percy on Yahoo Instant Messenger


And The Lameness of Percy on’s Chatroom


See What I mean? lol, SLAW Huh?!

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