Friday, August 07, 2009

Cat Rescue Mission!

at about 10:00 I heard a Scream, so i checked the doors to see what’s up…  I saw Nothing…I let the dogs out.. Low and Behold They found a cat with his foot Stuck between the fence behind in our yard   So after calling the SPCA (as well as my sister) I waited outside for a good 40 minutes until the SPCA got here .. The Lady came to get it down as I attempted to get raw footage.. Didn’t work… Now the cat is Gone.. it got away. with a Broken Leg and everything…

Here are a few Pictures. I took prior to the SPCA getting here.

He goes from Furious to Sad in Minutes.

I’m an Animal Lover so I Know This’ll break a cat lovers Heart..

DSCF4985  DSCF4988 DSCF4989 DSCF4990 DSCF4991 DSCF4993DSCF4994    DSCF4992


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