Saturday, August 08, 2009

Day 2 of the Twitpocolypse

So Twitter was Hacked and is denying Service to users.. Boy Oh Boy Just imagine if Youtube went down!..

Okay, So I’ve been reading Techcrunch and the Twitter status blog, and Although I’m not a user of twitter, I found it interesting that Twitter users were posting at facebook on How they can’t Live without Tweeting. and I THINK IT’s FUNNY! I’ve even seen Techcrunch’s “what did you do during the twitter outage” video. LMAO!!!!!!!!!..

Note .. ^^ everything i previously stated can not fit into a Tweet box. LOL

Conan O’brien Even Made Jokes about it on his, from what I know, they closed off 3rd Party Api’s and Mobile Services until the problem can be fixed. But until then, The Twits after to go Elsewhere!.

Sad thing is, I got a Message saying that I’m annoying because  I’m in the facebook feed too often. and that I should get a Twitter… Well ISNT THAT WHAT FACEBOOK IS FOR  IS FOR? .. it’s a social Network. I’m being Social.

Twitter Honestly is a 3rd Party Project all together.  why? well. lets say you’re on Facebook.. you want to share a  or media  file photo.. You can upload it directly to the site if you’d like.. With Twitter .. you have to result in going to a 3rd party short like provider.. There’s no Embedding, only Linking… Basically it does what the facebook feed does and people don't SEE that.. but suddenly they say Twitter is better because it involves Short hand writing and hot linking

I . Oh, and Once again.. None of this can fit in a Twit.. this is why I Blog..

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