Saturday, August 01, 2009

It’s all good

yeah man, I got a good response. Here’s how it went’s

ME: Say J, you know. you're one of the coolest and best friends i Have... I just want to let u know that I like you a lot. Sometimes I miss being around u.... and it’s the same reason I like messing with The way I do.....

Her: Ahhh thanks book, I feel the same about you too. Some ppl just don't understand me, but you do. Its hard to find REAL friends.

I said “Cool” after that. lol

But really though, I’m glad i got that out.  For me, Allowing a  woman to know my feelings for them is a great things. especially when they respond pretty well. Others act like they cant accept those kind of things. Or they take them in a-whole-nother way.

For me, saying that to her that was an easy way to put it for me without going deep in to detail. she doesn’t realize that sometimes the thinks we talk about or just random calls make me feel like we should be together.  there was a time she called and was like “I miss you book, when ‘ya gonna come see me?” .lol (the small things).. just make a brutha feel appreciated.

She’s the reason I went to the auditions back in march. she knew I was there for her because she asked me to be there long ago, and I told her I was gonna be there to see her do what she does best.

I guess Britt was right when she said I’m a Captain Hopper.. but at the same time. Those same girls are some of the coolest people.. They make the best of friends!

But yeah For me still.. I needed to get that out. because It makes me feel comfortable knowing that she knows how i feel. and knowing that she feels the same. just gives me new level of respect for her.

Note From The Book

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