Friday, August 28, 2009

MMHmm, Gotta Get’em

Oh Man yall, I got a WII!.. lol yeah My Mom actually baught herself one. But I’m claiming it. we have Wii Sports thats all that matters! LOL

How about I just Banned This Fool That I’ve been Wanting to Bann from this site since January… here’s why he was banned…


Slaw Letters Courtesy of

Well as you can see, this cat says I dislike Southern’s band. But Technically That’s False. I have an Unbiased opinion when it comes to marching bands. There are things i find wrong with the greatest of them all.  I mentioned on Facebook  about this situation that If I was a Hater, I’d Probably Not be Taping footage of that band.

This Man is 40+ years old and has Degrees, he’s a member of Fraternal orgs and He Loves SU to the highest, I’d respect that If He didn't Argue about Petty things. He’s even called some of the members out their names on the site. But today he got what was coming.

I feel like this. I try to be Lenient with members, Giving them a chance to Take part in the conversation. but Nah.. I can’t let you just do ANYTHING on this site. Especially talking about Me, when I run the show? oh nah Bruh. U just got a Ticket to Banned Membership.

The Truth of the Matter is that I can’t allow folks to be Ridiculed on this site. For it is viewed by Thousands of HBCU band Supporters. Many folks have wanted me to ban this guy, but I refused to. Now he’s got his…

Last week Kitty Exposed his Face.. many of the members on this site dont show their faces because it allows them to speak freely and anonymous. Others they Find Fake pictures to hide their identities. Many of these are Young Feminine Males. I would respect them if they were themselves. but they all want to hide so hey I  don’t care for their Being.

They sit and Bicker about the smallest things at it relates to dancer troupes. and it gets real hectic on there. so when I can I try to cease the madness.

A Good reason not to go at it with me is because I’m an Administrator of the site. I don’t have to argue.

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