Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watching: When The Levees Broke

I remember that experience Quite well.. Oddly enough, days later folks on My Favorite web forums had Threads titled “Rest In Peace Bookie” and “Has anyone been in contact with Bookman”. I came online on September 1st and made my rounds on all those forums and let them know I was alive.  After that I Told My Story Not Once but Twice. because the first time It was supposed to be a Brief Run through because I really didn’t know what Kind of Time Table I had to be in that room.  The Second time was more detailed and it was also written after it aired on CNN.

If you check out August and September, (Mainly September). I Not only Broadcast My Astrodome Experiences, But with my family, with my I Broadcast things regarding Helping the people. And even times where i received hate mail in my Inbox. and also Just browsing around finding info about Katrina to discuss.

My astrodome experience was Pretty Crazy, I tried to stay as active online as i could, which eventually led me into getting the job that I had with Tech For All, it was a  great blessing to me. My family did pretty well in Houston after living in the Astrodome. There are so many stories I could tell from that Time. But I wont right now, but Many were funny, others were sad, but It’s life.

Although I’m very sad at what Katrina Did to New Orleans and what our people had to go through, I’m glad that SOME people have changed for the better since then. Some even chose to stay away for a better life.  Many Days I Think back and am Glad that I even got the chance to do what I did while in Texas.

At this point I stopped watching the Documentary because I got Caught up on Phone Calls and things like that.  I’m about to Publish this entry in a minute. but Before I go, I just want to say that I think all that supported Me and my Family throughout that whole ordeal.  Since then It’s been a struggle. Not only for us but for the people of the city of New Orleans. We deal with Too much Crap to be in the position we are in. as a community we should always remember that Katrina was a Life lesson. Their shouldn't be so much Separation and Violence, because when disaster strikes they want the same people to save their lives.  I just wish people would WAKE UP and see that their is more to Life.

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