Friday, August 14, 2009

This dude put my number on craigslist

Aight, Today I received and still am receiving Random Calls from Craigslist.. people asking me if I'm selling all Kinds of stuff.. so during one call I asked someone to send me the message.. Via Facebook… Then I asked other folks to Flag it…

I don’t Even get on Craigslist 

  Here’s what it said *number blocked*


Then I realized Who Did it…..

It was this Fool Tramaine who Begged me all week to write him some music or else he’d Prank call me or some junk.. This Dude always wants something for free.. This is why I don’t fool with him like I used to.  Here’s what He sent me earlier Via Myspace.



Yeah I Received the calls after 6:30.. Some even left Voicemail and txts..
But you know what.. I’m gonna get him back somehow.  But First i’m blocking his number. that was wrong man.. I don’t play them games man..

I’m not mad… But I’m Angry.. LOL.. and well I ain’t gon’ stoop low and put his number on craigslist…  I’m Just going to Block his number.

This dude is always Begging me to do things free, I don’t appreciate it. but you know.. I’ll get him back by refusing to do anything for him.

I hate that people use me for their gain and then besmirch me in the process. And then they like to Rush me to do things for them and then when I DO it, they don't appreciate my work. Therefore I plan on Avoiding Folks like that from now on..

He Probably thinks it’s funny but it’s not.


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