Friday, August 07, 2009

What’s up with you?

Something that just came to mind while I'm here, Thinking and Writing…….
and She came to mind.

Here it goes…

I want to Know 'what's up' with you,
without askin‘ “what’s up to you”,
you know what's up with me,
But I want to Know what’s up with you.

Time and Time we’re phoning
‘cause you need a friend to talk to you,
Talking day and night
I don’t want to say goodbye to you.

I Know it might sound stupid
But it ain’t something I'd lie to you
Hear me out.
sometimes I even cry with you.

Everything we talk about
Are Real life situations,
But I do not think you get
the question I am Stating.

I know you got your dude,
I ain’t even dating,
I ain’t Hatin’
I'm Just Waitin’
’cause I want to Know What’s Up With you.

I like to be your comfort
when I know that you are stressin’
Crazy Situations
and it Gets Kind of Depressing.

I Like the way you dance.
and I Like How You Be Dressin’
It’s Impressing

Like You said
It’s just the outer shell
It’s The Light,
Not The Dark
But You Know I Know you Well.

You might think it’s cute
But Sometimes I’m Really Serious
I Want to know ‘What’s Up’
and That’s mainly ‘cause I’m curious.

Just a Reflection
on the Implied Connection
Gazing in your eyes
And I didn’t feel rejection

We Grabbed each others hands
and right before Release
We paused for a moment
We Felt the Same Peace.

I Could Feel it
We’re on the same level
I Just want to know,
Was It the Angel or the Devil?

Whatever it was
It Represented You
Not The Light, Nor The Dark
The Real Person Sneaked Through.

It was True,
The Real You
Just for me?
I could see
We could Be
But If Only You were Free

So what’s up with you, girl?
Do I have to ask again’?
What’s Up with you girl?
I’m just asking as a Friend.

Friend, You are my Best
and I’d like for it to stay that way
But before I go I Just Have Something I Need To say

You call me when you need me,
and I Call You When i Need you Too,
You Tell me how You Feel
and I Tell You How I’m Feeling Too.

You Know you are my Honey
and You Know I am Your Boo.
But Just to keep it Real
I Just Want you be with you

Now you know what's up with me,
a Hundred Percent True
I Think we could be.
But I want to Know what’s up with you.

This Is An Original From The Book

Note From The Book

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