Thursday, August 06, 2009

What’s new with me? The List..

I haven’t posted in a minute so I guess I’ll go now. with a List

  • My Brother got his glasses
  • My dad got his teeth pulled
  • I got some change
  • The dogs are all fixed up
  • I’ve been looking for a new cam
  • My mom keeps asking me to get some new clothes
  • I guess I can get them boots I want
  • Things on the Frat front is looking Kinda shakey
  • I added this thing called To Facebook.
  • My Brother Now has the internet in his home
  • I set his Printer and things up.
  • I may invest in a new camera.
  • Not sure if i want to go Video or Digital SLR
  • I Called ole girl I Mentioned 2 weeks ago, Her voice is High pitched.
  • lol Shouts out to Chari and her new found fetus..LOL!
  • I may invest in Paraphernalia.
  • I might buy 2 suits.
  • I have to Clean up GOOD!
  • I need to get rid of some things…
  • Just watch the magic
  • I need to Blog a little more this season.
  • Uhh.. stuff ..LOL
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