Friday, September 18, 2009

A Double Standard to Honesty

You Know, People who know me say that I’m a generous person, they say i’m Nice.. but Truth is, I’m Never really Honest with people.  Why? Usually because I don’t want to have someone angry with me.  I Blog because I can give my views, My True feelings toward those issues I can’t just say directly to my friends.

Quisha for example said that she can tell when I’m not 100% Honest with her. because of my how i respond to what she’s saying.  Part of the reason has to do with a fear of Rejection, it’s the same reason I can’t say “No” to people when they ask of my services. Most of the time I honestly don’t want to deal with it. But at the same time its like .. well I’ll do this one good time and let it go…….

With that said… It’s like.. When Being Honest, People seem to get angry when you disagree with them. Usually I wouldn't say my view on something until I've heard someone else’s… It’s just something i do to keep the Peace rather than to gain enemies .. I’ll talk more about this later

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