Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nothing Like Smooth Jazz on a Sunday Morning

This Title is Nearly Inferior to what I’m going to be writing other than the fact that I am listening and have been listening to Smooth Jazz Radio via itunes. I love it. it helps you relax. Now all I really need to do is Concentrate in meditation.. LOL!

In fact, I’m no longer listening to the Smooth Jazz. I Recently changed the station to WWOZ 90.7. They’re playing old Cajun tunes.  yeah something i rarely listen to is N.O’s Jazz and Heritage Station. get in touch with Ancient Louisiana ..LOL!

What am I doing Now? Nothing Really

I was up playing Zelda, I’m stuck in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly right now. I need to get a bigger wallet!! .. what's the whole purpose of having the Stone of Agony if their is no rumble feature on the Wii version? .. man that sux! I’ve done Lots in 2 days of playing that game. LOL!

I’m in Need of a Haircut, yes I am… lol

I should head back to sleep. .. Looks like the title wasn't so Inferior after all .LOL

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