Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ugliness Enhancements: The Ultimate Turn-Off

Well, to me at least…
This post might offend somebody but hey, this is just how I feel about it.
.. Here Goes....

Sometimes I Don’t understand females and their personal Issues as it regards to their attractiveness and unattractiveness.  I hdon’t understand the point of attempting to enhance your looks if you fail at doing so all the Time. I Call it to it as Enhancing your Ugliness. Why? Because their are things that Beautiful women do to their bodies that make them Less attractive every day.
Here is The List of those things that I Personally am Turned off by…and How i feel about them, Anything Unlisted are things I could probably deal with. but Here’s what I mean.
  • Heavy Make up – If you come across me Smelling like 200 pounds of powder and perfumes, it makes me Nauseous, I cant Breath around you..
  • Completely Cutting off your Eyebrows  That’s STUPID, Your brows are there fore a reason
  • UnNecessary Piercings I hate Face / Lip / Eye-Brow / Nose/ Tongue / Piercings.  I could deal with the Navel thing. but I dislike that too.  I also Dislike Piercings in The Tragus & upper ear. That junk just looks weird.
  • Beauty Marks -  Okay, It’s Different when a person has a natural mole on their face. But It’s Dead Skin, and nothing is attractive about it to me. folks with real moles see it as a flaw and they try to cover it up or have them removed.  With that said, adding a False one is just dumb.  Madonna had a real mole, she got it removed.
  • Tattoos Okay, I actually Like looking at tattoos. but at the same time. It’s a Big No-No. I can deal with one or 2. But I don’t want to see somebody's name on your skin, You are not a Label or a Brand, There's no need for a Label or brand to be across your body. I could Deal with Tats, But I’d rather see some Tribal style or something Unusual, I don’t want to have to Read a Paragraph on your skin..
On To More Traits of Unattractiveness Via Actions or Speech.
  • Smoking – Bad Enough, I can’t breath around smokers.. so Having a Non Smoking female would be Nice.. LOL
  • Vulgarity -  Many females make it obvious that they are FREAKY that’s Nasty.
  • Obscene Language - Excessive Use of Profanity shall be prohibited around me. I don’t curse. Therefore I dislike when folks cuss around me.  I wouldn’t recommend being with someone who fells the need to blurt out a cuss word in every sentence.
  • Inappropriate Attire – It’s not good to wear you club clothes everywhere. basically.
  • Too Much ClubbingIf Every weekend you’re in the club. Yeah thats a turn off, because it means that when you do get in a relationship it will be no different.
  • Great Pretender – When You’re Trying to be an external “Baller" yet you’re in Internal Disaster. You pride yourself with the things you have. but you’re emotionally, physically & Mentally Unstable… you want to be Noticed but you can’t handle real life situations because your mind is stuck on your appearance . You say you don’t care what people think, yet you’re looking for approval.
I’ll Stop here… LOL IMO. My Preferences are not bad as compared to what others have. It’s like, Others want the complete opposite.  Everybody wants the physical but when It outweighs The mental  and the Natural, you have a problem.  I Love a Natural Beauty. one who does not need to Get Extra Extra with themselves to Be Liked or to Fit in. Just Be you. Be Real.

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