Monday, September 28, 2009

Talk about Smooth Jazz and a Smoothie!

lol Yesterday I played Smooth Jazz via web, today I’m doing basically the same .. i do this often… but today I made a smoothie to complement the jazz!. LOL!
Actually I desired to have a pastry of come kind due to the smell fresh coffee which my Dad made.   Eventually I walked in to the kitchen, got 3 bananas and threw them  in a blinder with some other stuff to create my Usual.. except that this time its chocolate.  why? I used chocolate ice cream this time. I rarely use any ice cream at all.  yeah and to probably gross you out, I put  some Mini  3 Musketeer mini’s in it. which gave it a minty flavor. LOL that was a first.  If i had peanuts they would have made the mix.

My Usually is, Banana’s, Milk & Ice. But  Today I did, Banana’s Milk, Ice,  Honey, Ice-cream and 3 Musketeer minis.. LOL .. as i said before If i had peanuts i wouldn’t have used the musketeers. Sounds Crazy but it works when you want it as thick as smoothie kings.

If I had cinnamon, it would have made the mix as well… LOL

Okay I’m done with this entry. got to finish my smoothie.. lol

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