Friday, November 13, 2009

That’s Partial Motivation

Dude’s on these forums questioning my bandheadedness…..  I guess he thinks its funny to mention what I’ve done amongst the band he was part of as compared to the one I am. They seriously see a problem with me being a fan of that band due to me being a former member of a rival program. 

So they Question my Status…  Yet I come back with the Truth, they want to make it Known, therefore I make it know. Others tend to beat around the bush when it comes to this band stuff, I get directly to the point. where theirs a problem it must be addressed. I can sit here and Talk a bunch of Mess about bands and be totally Ignorant in regard to the situation. but due to me being well rounded in the craft I try to Generalize every subject and call it as i see it.  But people tend to get Angry when I mention their Bands.  Why? Are they trying to hide the Truth?.. Too Much Pride huh? Yep..

This one guy Mentions many situations, Including one where drew attention to a situation regarding a friend. He thinks its funny, but it did exactly what  I wanted it to do.  As for me, Honestly I can’t Respect somebody who can sit up and Talk badly about females in their own program,  but when others come around they Get All Defensive .. But as soon as I say something They Accuse me  of knowing too much of their business.  If it goes public my Friends, it Ain’t your business.  Most of these cats are filled with pride. yet Privately on their own secret forum that they call “Nation”. They discuss what they really think of the that band.. although many sugarcoat it.. they do basically tell what they really feel..

With that said.. most of the cats who talk the Most Trash on them forums, They came from Garbage Backgrounds and the only good bands they ever been in Began their freshman year in college.

As for the Others.. They talk about Being “Real” . Yet they try hard to Stray from the Truth.. And The Truth I AM  and the same time, I may not always be Accurate, Nor may I always be Right, but I refuse to be Belittled because you don’t agree with me.  State  your point rather than calling me out my name because at the end of the day, It shows that you are weak…


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