Saturday, December 26, 2009

As I said Before, Each Day is something New.

Every day is a new Eye opener in my opinion.  its like All this “Inside stuff” is becoming publically displayed. its unexpected therefore slightly shocking.  it almost ruins my interest level to an extent.

For the past year whether by phone or by forum or in this blog, I talked with folks/ wrote about how peoples minds are warped by an Image/reputation vs the Person in real life. its like the people who at once may have seemed to have a set standard and reputation to live up to. have set their “Image” aside to show off how they really are.

Now for me, I’m an advocate of being real up front. which most people are. yet they all seem to be living a double life or maybe even a Triple life… I would use Tiger Woods as an example but nah.   I’d say it this way, You have a News Anchor, we see them doing their work so we assume that they are that way all the time. but off camera, you may see their more Human side when around family or during leisure time, yet they’re still keeping it “Pro”.. and then there’s that side that they have outside of The public that just makes you wonder why they decide to bring that image out of their respective Closets.

I talked to a friend of mine earlier this year about something she was going through and how she felt that its hard to be real with people because you have so many people that make assumptions based mainly off appearance.  and how she felt that when she steps outside its only a shell of who she is on the inside. how  people may assume she’s doing great because she appears to be in a bright mood at all times. yet there’s the real side where she’s struggling just like everyone else and she goes thru things that she feels that nobody would understand, and that's mainly  because of her level of popularity she’s accumulated by being part of being a dancer.

She said that Being a Dancers helps her escape her pain and is the real her.  but aside from that she’s not trying to put on a front, she just has to make her self look presentable, but as she said to me, its not  the real Her when she walks out of her home and is “happy go lucky”  its a way to escape the things that she goes thru on a daily basis.

With others, Its totally different. Where you’re basically trying to live out the image that people have gotten from you on a public light, and then going to do something totally opposite of the image you have made for yourself. 

There’s also that group of Girls who are trying to live out 2 different kinds of Fantasy Lifestyles. and in one lifestyle its a putting front of a High Class image, in public and then the Other one where defy the standard that you have once claimed to be.. I can’t trust it 

Sometimes I feel like this, If it’s something you wouldn’t dare to say our do around your friends & family. don’t do it in public because it takes away from the squeaky clean image that you may have. Not necessarily adding to it.

For Example:

Tiger Woods Until we saw his Dark Side, which that was his business … but Im mainly referring to the  women who slept with him considering themselves Classy.. wow..  Not by a long shot.

You get the point?…  Nobody’s Perfect. But I’d say that If you have an image to live up to. at least stay within the boundaries of what you represent.

I honestly don’t know how to end this one right now. But I’ll say that. When I become aware of things. It either becomes more attracting or a turn off.. and 9 times out of 10. I'm not going to like it when someone exploits themselves. or at least shatter the image people had once known them for… it’s like “Now I look at you differently”…

Well, It’s Life…

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