Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas was well

Man, I Enjoyed This morning, with the exception of Jaime, my whole immediate family was here. and well Surprise surprise. everybody got what they wanted, My niece tory teared up when she Opened her Gift. it was a Laptop, a Bag, and everything. Windows 7, a wide screen Toshiba. I need to Invest in a windows 7 OS. I have a laptop and desktop pc that just wouldn't be able to handle thet OS.

My Other Nice got a Karaoke Machine, Its Nice! Real Nice!. My Nephew and brother  got PSP Go’s.. They’re cool i guess, My nephew got a load of games, my brother recieved 1 game for his Xbox.

I think my christmas was well. I should have went back to sleep. because I know my niece and nephew will be here after 7. But I’m good because I took a few naps. LOL

It was a Joy i tell you..

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