Friday, December 04, 2009

Got to Be The Dumbest.

So My Brothers Friends Parents came to get him about 5 minutes ago. But before I could get to the Door, My nephew had already opened it. allowing the dolls to run out.. The Girl was so spooked out she ran back to the car. My nephew Got the dogs to come Inside, I asked him who was that He said “ I don't know” yet he stood out there  like a dummy barefoot on yelling “Ahh my feet, its cold”… ..

Because I caught all this, I closed the door. Put my boots on. Went to the car, The Lady asked for Tyran,  . I told them” I’d go Tell’em yall here”.. Letting them know that It was my nephew that answered the door..
He Didn’t even Bother to Go to the car to see what they wanted. he just closed the door like “Man I don't know Them People”… That was RUDE…..I need to get the Mop to pass on the Livingroom Floor because the dolls Jumped all over the place after running back in the house. 

No Telling, They may have called before coming, But My Nephew was on the phone. and I know He doesn’t Click over. while on it.. Smh..

What A Start to My First day at
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