Monday, December 07, 2009

Cichlids all over N.O’s Water ways know, When I was younger, we had “Texas Blues” and “Texas Greens” by the Hundreds because they’d grow and get pregnant… when we didn’t want anymore, We Threw them in the Bayou.  Maybe other folks did this too. 

I just heard this News report about Too many Cichlids in the waterways and I thought of my dad.. Because With those fish we had, mixing with other fish and maybe other breeds of Cichlids came a New Breed of New Orleans Cichlids.

In the News Report they were talking about how they’ve been catching Rio Grande’s .. We’ve never had those. I guess after Katrina, folks just followed suit by throwing them in the Bayous & Lagoons to keep the fish alive rather than letting them die.  IMO it’s a good thing, but the Primary argument is that with a Mass amount of Texas it would Displace Our Blue Gill Population.

I guess it matters due to out habitat. I just think its weird that folks and Fishery are out Catching these fish for Testing or just to get rid of them.. If it was up to me, I’d set up a store to Sell them, After all We Bought them and Returned them to somewhat of a natural environment.

My Dad likes to claim responsibility for playing a part in This Cichlid population.. Crazy Huh?

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