Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Quarter Century Mark

Today, Is the Last day I’ll ever see 24, Tomorrow I’ll be 25. I Thank God for living to see this age. To Be Honest I have no clue what else to say, I haven’t really been writing in My blog as much as I used to. But in a way I guess I’ll take the time out and Reflect Some of the things in My life. Everything that makes me “The Book”.

At This Point I guess I’ll Begin…

In The Beginning, There was Nothing, And then their was The Book……LOL!
Nah, Really Though, I Honestly Don’t know How I’m going to Celebrate The 4th, But As a Man, I shall take the Steps to be a Better man.  Since the Time I was 17 I’ve been Clueless to what I’ve ranted to do with my Life.  Over Time, I’ve gotten an Idea and have even created a clear path to My Future. After 20 I had a bunch of Ups and downs. Yet I’ve gotten to do what I Love to do. And I Still am doing so.

At this point, as I Said, It’s time to get my Priorities straight and take care of some things that I should have done at the age of 17.  I can’t Drive. I will Learn This Upcoming Year.  I Don’t have a Job, I Will Have one Soon, I Don’t Own a Vehicle and I Can’t Do as I please.. Well. This will come in Due Time.

Fun Times IMO At this point Are Over. I’ve been a Homebody Since after Katrina. Something I’ve Never wanted to do But It happened because I Allowed all of this stuff to fall on me without saying No. Well, I'm 25, Time to say NO to the dumb junk and Yes to a better Live.

So many People Believe that I do so much, Yet I am Nobody.  at 25, I will show the world that I am Better than My Inner-self and Am Living up to what they Think they see.  I’m Not Hiding anything. I’m a very open person. But It’s become very embarrassing to tell people that I’ve Failed at Succeeding to achieve my goals. I No longer can blame my parents. it’s time I do this without their Approval.  Nor the Approval of my Brothers & Sisters.

All My Years Growing up. I’ve wondered what would I be Doing at 25, Doing Nothing was not one of them. Now It is the time to Prove to my old self that I am The Man that I want to be.

I’m Actually Tired of Trying to Impress others, Now it’s time to Impress Myself.
So many folks I know, On the Outside appear to be doing well, many see that way about me. But I’m Not Happy with myself. I do things Because I love it, and because I love to see others Happy. But Now as i Said. It’s time to Achieve My goals for ME.Getting Things Done for me, will help Only Me in the Future. 


I’ve been Feeling Older by the Minute

Ah Man, When I first started taking snapshots of bands, I had no clue what it would do for me. But at this point After Looking at the People in my pictures and realizing that  Those who I’ve taken pictures of during 2003 2004 and 2005 during their high school years .. I’ve been there to See them all Go through college, and I’ve covered the events they’ve performed at on many occasions.  It makes me feel good, but It makes me feel old.

Reacquainting With folks from my Past
For the past year, I’ve ran across People online I thought I’d never hear from again. it’s just amazing to know how they’ve all turned out. It’s almost like a class reunion without the schools. LOL Many of them are Just as bad off as me, But it makes me feel good to know that somebody’s made it beyond the average persons calling. especially coming from the Projects! oh yeah.. Much Respect to those who have made it Beyond Poverty from This City.

Wow man, According to My Clock, I’m One Hour Away from 25. I’m good with this.

Here’s A little History of myself coming up.. It wont be everything. But it will be something AMAZING! lol

Aight, I was Born & Raised in the New Orleans’ 7th Ward, St. Bernard Project to be exact.  I’ve had Many Fights, Many Fun Nights. Many Weird things. Many things I’ll never forget. many things Not worth remembering.  But I Feel Superior because I’ve lived to Surpass that environment.

For Me, Between the laws of House Hold and the Laws of the school, I Listened. I was always considered a Good Boy, A Nice Boy by people in the neighborhood. because of it  I had to Fight for unnecessary reasons. Many people didn’t like me. Yet I didn’t want anyone's approval. I Did what I had to do to make it through the day. Every day.

My Time in Elementary School was Wild, I could Remember all the way back to the Old Nelson Going to Pre-K and Kindergarten. The Routines we had Daily. Many of the people from those 2 years I still am cool with today. That Nelson Closed, and the NEW Nelson Opened on St. Bernard in 1990.

I remember Walking to school, Being Spooked out by The Smell and due to the fact that Homeless people lived under the Bridge.  There were times where I’d get in Fights going home or during school, Rarely got In Trouble other than getting whooped by my parents because people would tell my Mom that I’d gotten Beat up. which it wasn’t always the case.

I wasn’t Abused by my parents. I was teased a lot in school though, which other than my brother baby Jeremiah Dying in 93, was the reason I got fat. What took away my Pain was The Food.. Or so I thought…

.. Let me just Skip all the way to 5th grade and say that. By Them, I’ve had a Best friend, I had deep interest in Girls  and I used to Sing and dance all the time because of it. There were girls many girls during  my child hood that I found attractive then but Now they just don’t seem all that great. But I’m glad that I was able to have known them. I’ve always been a shy guy so others had always revealed that i liked some random girls. because I’d never found the guts to admit those things..

The Wild part is that, During this time in my life. I was exposed to band, I was and Still am Serious about religious matters. I swear i was preaching the bible to people back then. Not that I wanted to but because It was being thought to me.  I Abide by the rules of the bible..

Somewhere In My Life I Cried A lot….  But I made it all the way to to High School and OUT..  What helped? Being In Marching band at Both Phillips jr high & Kennedy High Has Exposed me to Every kind of thing under the sun. it was like being a soldier. .. i guess (lol). well anyway.  it’s why i still Take pride in Marching band. Because It helped me Open up as far as expressing my Madness through Music is concerned.

There’s so Much in my life that I Didn’t Mention but I do have to say this…I’ve Seen a whole lot, I’ve always played by the rules, Gotten in Trouble Seldom,  and I’ve always been good to people.  I Love my Family and friends.  They’re the reason I am who I am.

Blah Blah Blah Blah…
Although Still a Shy guy. I’ve managed to be more open to females ever since my Time with Bethany. What She did to me  at the time, is done with and forgiven.  I cried many days because of it. but I’m good, she’s still my friend. I’m glad I been through that. because it basically told me not to put so much faith in one girl, one relationship. or Anything to the point of Longevity.

Just Imagine, Before than. I would wonder why Females didn’t like me, was it because I was ugly? No… Maybe.. Lol. but somehow I got a Girl who just happened to be a Dancer.. LOL.. Since then.. Dancers have been a big Interest of mine. but LOL. That’s just me.  From the Time I got with my Girl to the time we broke I’d gotten Opportunities, Partly thanks to Katrina. That I won’t Ever regret doing. and I wish I could do it again. In fact I Know I can STILL do so.

It’s wild. because I Experienced College, I need to Go Back, I was Marching in College band.  I had a Job, I was doing Great.. but since 2007, I’ve been kind of Living as a Kid.. and That.. Will Change!…

I Will Make a Change, I will continue to blog about my life's changes. I just hope that one day things get to the point to where I’m Happy Being me again…


A New Chapter Begins at 25..

Note From The Book

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