Friday, December 04, 2009

Today, I am 25 and already i’m hearing Unfortunate News.

According to TSU’s Ocean of Soul Band’s Facebook

The Ocean family would like to take this time ask that all of you lift a special prayer for Prof. Ronald Thornton former Asst. Band Director of TSU and present Head Band Director of Willowridge High School. He is currently on a respirator and in ICU.


Prior to hearing that news I head he Passed away, This News has also been posted on The Bandhead Forums

Sad News, I Met Mr Thornton Prior to Joining the Ocean, it was only a Simple greeting and a handshake. acknowledging him and his band.  wow man.. as a former member of the Ocean, My Prayers go Out to all who knew and loved this man.  Another Educator Gone.


Same News In Regard to Former WWE Superstar  UMAGA who’s real name is Eddie Fatu. This is a Sad day for Wrestling and for the Samoan Family of Wrestling. I Hope He pulls Through. because too many Unnecessary reports are going around.

I got this Earlier.


Former WWE superstar Edward “Umaga” Fatu, 36, is currently in a Houston hospital and is in very bad shape. A long-time friend described his condition as “life threatening.”

Details are still sketchy at this point, but he apparently fell asleep last night while watching television, and several hours later, his wife found him not breathing with blood coming out of his nose. He was rushed to the hospital last night and his family has been told to fly into town as quickly as possible.

Lets hope He Survives.

Wow man, So Crazy!..

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