Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looks Like Their ABDC Journey is Over

The X-Treme Motion Dance Crew Did a great job, it’s just not something The folks on the main stream level want to see. Honestly the style is great for sporting events and half time entertainment because its all fast paced non-stop dancing. That along with The maneuvers and positioning make it all worth the watch.

What they normally do is usually seen from an over head view, so it works perfectly when you’re in the Midst of an Overhead crowd. But seeing it from a more leveled playing field made it seem a bit dull.

What the people want to see is pure uniqueness, not just a perfected version of an existing style. The World wants to see something unorthodox.  They want wild stunts like the Jabbawockeez pulled off a while back. Those guys were a Beast.

Tonight, Aside from XM,  I liked Jungle Boogie, Simply because it was a lot of Unnecessary Wild Ape-Like Mentality. (LOL)

I’m no dance Guru but I can say one thing. The X-Treme Motion’s moves were on point, so were the gyrations... “oh yeah”

Although the style of dance is common among our HBCU squads, The Nation isn’t used to seeing that kind of thing. so I commend them for taking it to the National Level and giving America a taste of The Class Act of The SWAC.

Once again though Hat’s off to X-Treme Motion! you did an wonderful job.  Let’s hope this isn’t the last time we hear from you all.

Lastly, I’m a Former member of the Ocean, So I GOTTA REP!.. Not only did they put HBCU Dance Troupes on the Map. But They’re are all Lifetime members of Texas Southern University’s “Motion Of the Ocean” and The Ocean of Soul Band.. So With that all I have to say is….

.. Lean Way  Back and Give me a Soooul!…


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