Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Mississippi HBCU Merger: DOA!

The Other day I posted a blog in relation to the situation but it looks like the Merger is off! Isn’t that Great?! Here’s where I saw the news first.


Here’s where the News Story.

Mississippi’s College Board president said Thursday that a proposal to merge the state’s three historically black colleges was dead on arrival….

Dr. Ronald Mason proposed that Jackson State be renamed Jacobs State University and be combined with Alcorn State University and Mississippi Valley State University. The university would be named after H.P. Jacobs, a former slave, doctor and minister, who founded Jackson State.

The proposal also suggests getting rid of the tiger mascot in favor of a phoenix.

I know he meant well by renaming the school in honor of it’s founder, But the mascot too? Nah It just wont work, Podna!

All I can say is Thank You  to the Great Students and Alumni of the Mississippi’s HBCUs, For Standing Up to fight against this. Your actions spoke.

JSU’s Officially Had their “Lean On Me” Moment!

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