Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeling Under The Weather

oh no its sickWoke up this morning, Feeling heavy headed, it was hard to breathe, the house was hot.. I had a light headache yesterday as well. I guess it led to this..
It rained all morning,

My mom was feeling bad so we dropped her off at the doc, My dad wasn’t feeling good either. While my mom was at the Docs office, I went to the store to get something to snack on… Some Chee Wee’s and a Green PowerAde  I spent the waiting hour,  Facebooking and Tweeting from the Blackberry just because I can.

Afterward we went to The HANO offices. real nice looking center. once seated, i started feeling Queasy.. what made it worse is when the lady prayed disinfectant on the Kiddie table in front of the TV.. I went to the restroom to puke.. . Did that Twice and Cleaned up the area.. which the majority went in the toilet.. but I managed to clean it up pretty well….

Aside from that, ther were writings on the stall walls  saying thing like “i’m insane” and swallow your pride or cut out your tongue”.  it had something to do with being Trapped in the system.. I didn't bother to read.. I felt much better.

After that whole  I walked out of the restroom feeling slightly better.  After getting home I took two Tylenols and called it a day. Note. I’m still not well. but i’m good enough… I think that we all are feeling as my dad is feeling.. he threw up this morning as well.

With that all said.. I recently looked to see what was the cause of the Mucuis being yellow…  It had  much to do   with the Chee Weez, but also it basically said that it's one of the symptoms of the Cold, Flu or a Bacterial Virus… Therefore with that said.. I believe its the Virus.. and its likely i got it from my dad..LOL…
But yeah.. Life’s good. I hope i feel better soon.
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