Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Manny Bruno is a Joke

This dude was on WWL4 Morning News a earlier making both Eric and Sally-Ann feel very uncomfortable.  Maybe if he would stop his comedy act for a minute he’d be taken seriously.  He talked about how he failed at comedy.. well You’re going to fail in politics too with that approach.

I didn’t watch the debate he was part but I guess I didn’t need to.

Honestly, Many Comedians analyze political situations in an Unconventional way. but  many have common sense / Realist based comments when involving political comedy..  But what Bruno was talking was fairly unnecessary.  New Orlenians Don’t Want that in a Mayor.

I’m not Big on politics, but  You can see that he wasn’t serious. I was listening for something good, but all I got was a Joke..

This New Orleans Mayors Race is No laughing Matter.

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