Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This Man doesn’t make any sense

For some reason He downloaded a Virus . Maybe thinking it was something important, which it didn’t install, The MSE caught it it was sitting downloading on the desktop as a broken download.

The PC was off so I should have known Something was wrong… but oh well it’s gone now. this is all because my dad was searching for something. bad enough I ‘ cant get rid of a Search box thing he has up here because its configured in Firefox and can’t be reset.

Here’s what was caught.


It’s a Rouge program, all that means is that it downloads other malware on to your PC and gives off false warnings of viruses and threats.

Here’s a screenshot of how it may look on your PC if it ever pops up …


Looks Like the real deal, but its not.  They come with Various Names like “Antivirus 2009” and “Extra Antivirus”

looks pretty much like Microsoft Security Essentials too. 

well hey.. It didnt activate so thats great, or i would have been up here all day scanning the pc.. lol

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