Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who Owns Dat?


Come on Now NFL! Why can’t the people have some freedom of expression? Out of All Glory comes the Trademark Laws that restrict everything.

We all know the NFL Owns the Saints franchise. but why does it include the term “Who Dat?” and the Fleur De Lis?.  It’s like, We cant celebrate our team now because we’re barred from saying wearing The Color along with the Words and its symbol… Smh..  But If we Wear it all separately with no reference to the saints, then its okay… uhh.. That Sux.

How could we be part of The Who Dat Nation if we can express our love for our Team?

When you see a Fleur De Lis anywhere, No mater what color it is. you don’t say “Oh thats the

Saints Symbol” … but that’s what the NFL thinks..  One of our radio stations have been Bleeping out the words in the sake of satire after receiving a letter from the NFL telling them that they cant say certain things in reference to the saints.

Now Back to Who Dat!… It’s Just a Phrase. …There are other phrases and slogans Synonymous with the saints, but IMO it’s owned by the general public, not by The NFL.

Bless You Boys” and “I Believe” are just  two Examples..

So NFL, What Can We Do? .. Can we sing the songs? Can we make fan signs? .. I’m just saying.. It aint that serious NFL. Lighten up a bit..

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