Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Book is at an attempt to Get a New Video Cam.

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the Haystacks! well nah! Actually I’ll be headed to Best Buy to find an HD Camcorder in preparation for Next Tuesday's Saints Parade. The Bands Said to be performing are Texas College, LLI Marching Band, Southern University, as well as a crap load of local High Schools.

I should have my somewhat of a Media ID Card created as well. Just for proof that I’m covering the events with a purpose. 

My Thing is, I’m Looking for a Camera no more than 600 dollars. the thing that sucks about that is performance levels. I want an HD cam with 1080p, and at least a 3CCD. My thing is, they don’t come like that often. I need something that’s going to be good enough to record both video and heavy audio. which that’s something rare in cameras today. I WANTED a HUGE cam, but I find that its not necessary to have a Huge one when I could just get something simple and use it to the best of my ability.

I’m looking at some now..  I Don’t want the Samsung Brand, I have that and its.. well.. yeh.. its old. that's all… I’m looking for something in Good Quality for Shame huh? lol I have to get to one before tomorrow so that I’d know exactly where to find it. that’s about all.

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