Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Reason The Networks Ignore HBCU Bands, My Opinion.

Here’s an article i read at HBCU Digest about HBCU Bands not getting airtime during Nationally Televised events. My Response is beneath the screenshot below.

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My Response

The NFL never shows halftime performances until Super Bowl. Although games like the Pro Bowl, and the NFL Conference Championships have halftime performances done by bands more now than ever. There's really no need to show halftime performances on TV The Sports Networks could care less about showing the bands. whether HBCU or not.

The Super Bowl is the biggest game in the NFL, even when there are no bands, the halftime will Be shown.

If you look at the origin of the Super Bowl, it was Grambling State and Florida A&M who took part in the first few Halftimes. They were asked to do halftime to entertain a Thousands of White People.

The Themes for the Original Super Bowl was called "A Tribute to Slavery" That's PURE RACISIM. But due to the bands performing so greatly, the NFL eventually apologized to the schools, and has sense then requested HBCU Marching bands to take part in NFL Events out of respect for the art.

With that said, whether Televised or not, The HBCU Bands are the Originators of the Super Bowl Half Time. Therefore We Are Legend (lol)

As for the HBCU Games

I can't really speak on any other Televised HBCU classics, because I grew up watching Bayou Classic on TV. The full shows are never seen on TV. They only show Just enough of the halftime to satisfy band fans across the Nation.

At that point my only concern is that The TV Networks Overlook HBCU Conference Championship games. as compared to Big 10, SEC or Sun Belt.

I'd also go far as to saying this...
On New Years Day is the Rows Bowl, PWC Football at is best. In Recent times, HBCU bands have taken part on the Tournament of Roses Parade. The parade is Looked at as a HUGE Accomplishment. for bands, the Initial truth is that it's waste of money. The Parade is not even as long as a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. At This Point the HBCU bands are not looked upon as Equals, but mere Secondary Schools as compared to Their PWC Counterparts 

To sum this all up...
The General Outlook is that, White America wants HBCU Bands Services, But they don't want them to be the Forefront of any Non-HBCU Events because they're afraid our bands will Steal the spotlight!


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