Monday, February 01, 2010

Golden Time

In Light of the Saints Journey to the Super Bowl, I’ve once again changed up my blogs Look. This time, a somewhat Major Change in regard to the Title font. Since the I began this blog, my title font has been the “Collegiate-Normal” style, I’ve finally changed it to “Vipnagorgialla” and it looks pretty good.

Not only did the fon’t change. but All the Red on the blog is gone. Strictly Black and Old gold in honor of the Saints going All the Way so to speak.


Back to the Font… the Vipnagorgialla has been kind of a Signature font style for me.  i use it  for my water marks and things like that. so while also playing around with it,  I’ve decided to finally post it and use it officially as my title font. Maybe not for a long time, but it looks good up there.

Note From The Book

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