Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ethnic & Urban | Words I Dislike when used wrongly

Those two words I have no means to use in my every day language, mainly because people use those words to describe something that they’re not part of.

of course with Ethnic being associated with a certain group of people, and Urban as it relates to City life. But More commonly people have used these terms to describe anything relating to American Minorities.

It’s not cool to bluntly say things like “I want it to look more ethnic”…   ethnic How? 
Truth of the matter is that everyone is born into an ethnic group. I could understand Associating certain activities with a common culture or Race of people. But if you’re going to do that. at least name the group you’re referring to if you don’t want to sound like a racist while trying not to be.

If you live in a Rural of Suburban area, It’s all good to say describe common city activities as urban. but when you break it down to say “Urban areas” when referring to neighborhoods where Minorities dwell, that’s not cool. you might as well name the major race in the specific neighborhood.

Urban Radio usually plays genres that relate to specific ethnic groups. other music is referred to by those ethic groups as “White peoples music” but what is white peoples music exactly? is it the Music they make in general, or is it the music we commonly associate white people with?  That would be Pop and today's rock music.  There’s also Country music, which represent a certain breed of people who consider themselves as “Country” .. that's a Culture like The Hip Hop Culture. or even the Rockers, they all are urban, right?

With that said…Race has little to do with musical preference. But when you turn on a station, the folks hosting the show gives you a clear picture on who they want to target. whether it be by race are age group.. they don’t have to say it directly because the music does that for you.

The More Obvious i can get is with Clothes, There’s Formal and Casual attire, There’s sports wear, and then There’s Urban apparel.

I Typed in “Urban People” in to Google and This was the first or image results.

I Typed In “Ethnic People” and This was the first picture .. The IRONY! lol


I could even resort to food with Seasonings and Cuisines. They don’t come by Race, they come by culture based on nationalities at most.   with that said. you can’t call a Food item Ethnic.. See.. LOL..  The American Apple Pie and Hot Dog would be equally ethnic to Italian Pizza Pie and Pasta.  I guess it would be like associating Texas or Country Listeners with Barbecue .. Nah Just Joking,.. but you get it right?…

Where am I going with this?  Honestly, I was done  with the entry long ago, but I guess It’s In my Nature to   keep things going, Therefore I shall stop typing now.


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