Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Got It!

Boy was Glad to know that the camera only came out to be about $750. I walked out of Best Buy Happy as a Hippo!  I Was going to attempt at bargaining instead I was fortunate to get it at the price set. which was cheaper than the online add.

<—YES The Canon VIXIA HF20!

Tomorrow is a Big parade so I’ll be attempting to ride with Behrman again. I may ride home with John Mac if they’re Marching. I will Test My Abilities. now all i need is a good bag to hold my equipment. yes, the equipment i’ll soon be purchasing! LOL .

Time to get to Job Hunting now man. You should have seen how I was in that store just laughing at the the fact that I used plane cash.. and at the way I laughed at the fact that the girl counted it all. I got about 15 dollars

Aside from that. I’ll have to Open up a New bank account. yeah man I gotta get Paid off of this one. this camera is currently Top of the line for a store bought / cheaper cam.  its worth a full paycheck. 

The Book is READY.. Oh My Brotha, TESTIFY!

The Book

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