Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Mayor, New Mayor, New Mayor!


Mitch Landrieu Won!! YES! .. I was out at the Parades and when I came home, Landrieu was in the Lead…  I saw The Acceptance Speech given by Mrs Clarkston. Stacy Head got her spot back… We got Arnie in the there… Good stuff!… I didn’t vote.. I sure should have, Buy I think the folks in my district in which i have supported all got their spots.. I’ll check up pm that

Troy Henry’s a classy guy to do what he’s doing. I haven’t heard anything out of Georges, I honestly thought that Georges would be The Top Dog. I think he fell short at attacking Landrieu. Georges did more Adverting for Mitch than Mitch did himself.

A New Day  In New Orleans… but hey, After the Saints WIN.. I Expect MADNESS! just for a good week… and then we’ll Take on the Landrieu Leadership from then

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