Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mail To Who... Me?

Hold Up Mayn!... Something's fishy about this mail I've received. maybe this was some kind of internet thing gone wrong.or a name mix up.. yet I also think it was sent intentionally. the crazy thing is  Why Would it have the name of a person I Know of on it?

I check the Mail today (or at least 2 hours ago and there was a  health & Wellness magazine for women. It fell to the ground, I picked it up and looked at the name. It was the name of some girl i know who lives in Texas..She's not from here and doesn't know my home address... or does she? lol... But my question is. how would her name be on something mailed here?  and could this possibly have been the first time this came to my house? maybe not.

With that said. was this done intentionally? because if that's the case, it sure was wrong..  I'll probably ask her about it via facebook.honestly it feels crazy to see that name on some mail addressed to my home. and as i said in the beginning.

but WHY!!!?? lol
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