Saturday, February 27, 2010

Successful Round!

After the hours of Scanning and well an hour or so if deleting other ness.  I have successfully gotten rid of the Virus. How. Well I turned on Avast's Boot Scanner and it deleted exactly what I had written in the last post. Now it's good to go. I was looking for a log file before i deleted the program, didnt find any. What im doing now is enhancing his browser so that it blocks certain things, while also making it more useful for him.

The Crazy part is that when he gave it to me, it was in Horrible condition. The Screen went from the Boot Menu "windows wasn't loaded properly"./.. then  ".. Did Not Recover Properly" .. after a restore I was able to Scan.. Scan Scan... they all worked... but this time Avast was the savior... thats mainly because it starts at th Boot up as i stated in an earlier entry.

I'm glad that's over with.
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