Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nothing Too Specific

Something That I’ve realized a while back and its not so shocking of a revelation. but….

Yeah Man.. I see that the lexicon in New Orleans has changed alot. Many words that were once widely used are no longer part of the every day vocabulary.  In a way its a good thing… the only bad part is that we’re replacing many of the words that were common amongst the young. with newer or at least more mainstream terms.  either that or things that have migrated from nearby regions..

It’s not just the way we talk, its the way we go about doing things. the way we feel toward each other. I don’t know man. its just One of them things…

I wrote a status on Facebook that made me think of the situation.

One was about the fact that at one time when going to see a movie. we’d say “I’m going to The Show”… “The Show” Being the place where the movie is Airing.  Yet. the show could be More than a Movie, It could be a theatrical performance or things of that nature..   Now days they just go to “The Movies” .. the thing i find wrong with that is .. You’re not going to the movies .. you’re going to see a movie at the place that the movie is being shown… Therefore SHOW fits Perfectly

Here was another Facebook Status i did  that sparked this blog entry..

in N.O. You probably know somebody, named "CURL" that uses Aluminum FURL after he fries chicken in EARL.. Or in a Crawfish BURL. he would Eat'em 'Fo'Dey SPURL... Prob'ly MADE GROCERIES At SHWEGMANN'S, A&G, or NATIONAL.. then Take the Basket to his house but leaves it on the BANQUETTE or at the CORNDA by his PODNA D...OWN DA ROAD.. By The TIME SAVER Across the NEUTRAL GROUND from Da K&B..LOL

See.. Dis How We Lernt How Ta Tawk Y’Hurdmeh..  lol  <—No lie i dont say/ask THAT unless i really am tryin to assure that somebody Heard what I’m sayin’

Only in N.O. somebody could be telling you and asking you something in the same sentence.. not by grammar. but by tone of voice.. that's all you really need and you’d understand what’s being said perfectly.. 

.. You know.. now that i think about it.. I think it’s more of a .. well never mind..

But here’s an example of what “The Rock” used to say…

We all Know that his Catch Phrase after majority of segments is “If Ya Smell What the Rock is Cookin’

or He’s ask the question “Do you smell what The Rock is cookin’?”

But prior to the fame. he’d say it this way “…Smell What The Rock is Cookin’” .. Depending on how you hear it.  it could be a question or something he’s telling you to do…. Generally Speaking.. That’s just a catch phrase ..LOL

....Y’all Get the Idea..

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