Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Dude Seriously called me Out

and then made a whole thread concerning me.. I deleted it.. before that I saw his replies on another post. I’ll post some of what he said About me and what im doing. the dude just called me out as if i did him something wrong.. so I banned him..

His first post is like “this is how bands are supposed to be taped”.. so i replied and this is what he said next…

Note: What’s In Bold is some of the stuff that Tripped me out.


My second point. A reliable source told me that you followed SU and recorded them the whole parade in which they played "Who Dat" several times. Why did you use the worse recording at the end of the parade? LOL

(he reply’s with “yada yada” the first few times..)

So I Replied you act like you have a paid subscription to this site to be telling me how to do what i’m doing..

After Deleting His Thread he goes on to say this…


WHERE IS MY TOPIC? Why did you erase it?
Book's motto: When I get called out erase the entire topic.
Why did you erase my thread? That's really lame. If only you had real powers like your virtual ones. LOL
back to the clips. Yes, you posted carribean queen and black and blues, but you didn't make a topic of no other recording but this one.
Why is that? Negro save the drama for your PERM!
I need a "paid subscription" to voice an opinion against the Bandhead God Bookman? LOL
please? what I stated is my opinion and if you don't like it then we can agree to disagree but to erase people's topics when no one is making personal attacks or violating the rules of this site is a sign of weakness and a failure of leadership on your part

I Laughed at most of this, mainly because he called out my hair, in which i’ve never perm’ed it. apparently he doesn’t know me because if he did he’d know On this particular website. Personal attacks against The Staff are not tolerated, this dude called ME out. making a whole  thread.. that’s why it was deleted and therefore he was banned. No Need to explain myself to him..

My Response to That Particular quoted text was simple Because I Can.. I Run This..

He Responds

People should be able to voice their opinion as long as they follow the rules of the page. BUT ON THIS PAGE YOU GET DELETED IF YOU DON"T BOW DOWN TO BOOKMAN!

our "powers" only works in the virtual world...LOL Book, I hope you never have to be in a real life leadership position because the temper tantrums of deleting threads and members who don't agree with your views won't cut it in the real world.
Bookman suspended my account for NO apparent reason and probably will delete this before anyone reads.
Maybe I'll contact Gerard Howard and "PAY" or "FINANCIALLY" support his efforts and voice my opinion that he can get better moderators who don't let personal feelings get in the way of doing their jobs. A moderator makes sure the boards are in good taste and cleans it up.

Now See. The dude doesn’t realize that I’m not angry by a long shot. lol.. but you see how he went on to despise me? He doesn’t realize that I’m doing exactly what G. Howard has allowed me to do since 2002. thats be an Administrator of the site he created.  and I thank him for that. because It’s what i love… …

I responded asking him what his motivation was, and that I don’t need to explain myself I can just click the Ban button… Then he insists that he’s not being personal or violating the rules (or so he thinks..) .. So I went on to expound

Calling out MS Staff: Violation - there was no need to make a whole thread about me regarding this thread,..and what I'm doing. I don't have to tape, I don't get paid to do this. why complain? because your band is at the topic of subject?
I created This topic for all to be discussed in this thread. no need to make a thread calling me out.. especially on a site I run.. HAHA! it just wont work.. you probably can go elsewhere and do the same. but not here..

Marchingsport is a Dictatorship.

His Final Post (I Recently Banned Him Again)

from the looks of things, I Hope you don't get paid for that!!!!
Being a marketing representative for Coca-Cola has afforded me the experiences to be open minded and look at all situations from VARIOUS points of view!
I AM OUT. Got to go to work at 12:00 Noon PEACE!
For the record again, I NEVER MARCHED FOR SU!
Stay Tuned for "Marching Sport is a Dictatorship" ...On the next Maury Show of people who takes a NON-PAYING JOB TOO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

See.. There you have it.. The Reason You’re Banned.. Need I Say More? Nope..
Please note: I didn’t have to respond to any of this.. but first you despise of my character, then go on to say that you’re a This that and the Third.. at this point I do Not Care what your career is…

The Reason I said, “I don’t get paid for this” in the first place is simple. It’s not something that i HAVE to do. it’s just something I like to do. It’s not my Job, nor am i obligated to hearing your opinions about what you have against me. …and because you’re on a site that I run… I have all right to Get Rid of those who try to tell me how to run the show…  Thus I Do..

The Book

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