Sunday, February 21, 2010

Right Time To Test the Cam

For Me, Testing My Video & Camera work in Odd conditions gives me a more real world approach to what I am going to be facing, Allowing me to get better shots in Great conditions  whether its a situation where its Extremely dark. or high lighting.. Foggy and so on..

Another thing would be Capturing Sound,  With the Rupture of Thunder actually being at a far distance from the earth sure gives me the idea that the Mic is picking up some strong sound waves. LOL! .. Basically. I really don’t need to explain that one.

But for me. being that I’ve only had this new cam for a week.  I’ve already put it thru enough pressure to knock out what my speaker’s catching.. LOL.. I’m good though… All i need is a good camera bag and a external Mic. I may have to look for something big enough to hold all my equipment plus extra-ness that i may need.

Time to Make some Moves!

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