Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Most Parade Goers Don’t See

The Bands are still playing all the way through to the end of the route. why? because its Protocol in New Orleans. you don’t stop performing until you hit the Busses. (or until the director cues you to cut off) ..

But as you can see here. The bands still perform even when the parade is totally over. its not that they have to. but because they want to. and besides. the end of  the parade is just about the best part. because you never know what to expect. when one band ends up behind another. 

What you just saw is Inside footage of Walker and McDonogh 35 High School bands March out of the Morial Convention Center.   as i said in the beginning. its not what most bandhead outside of N.O. Get to see. Therefore I Have posted it for all to see.

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