Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 is a year of Exposure in JP

after all of these years of people in Jefferson talking as if they’re Holier than Thou as it relates to their cities image(s) and it seems like ever since Harry Lee passed away. all corruption in the Jefferson is being exposed.  is it a good thing? YES! because finally Their residents can see that They’re not a great as they claim to be.

Rrrreeaaalllyyyy…. It’s like, Every time something bad happens in N.O. it gives them all the reason to talk about us as if we’re the scum of the earth. and now that part of its fallen on their parish.  they’re in denial..

these are the people who claim they have a sense of pride about their city. and move further away every time something bad happens.. just imagine how many people will leave Jefferson parish if things don’t change. ..ahh wow..

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