Wednesday, March 17, 2010

But what If I just happened to be taping…

I’m looking at the end of this whole court case with guys who failed an attempt to sue 2 police officers and call out NOPD on a bad note.

The guys lost the battle but what wasn’t made clear to me was whether recording what police are doing from a reasonable distance is legal. Whether its a crime scene or not,  I think that its only interference if the camera are close by and if the recording was done intentionally to frame a police?   I mean hey, The police film what’s in front of there cars. Crime cams film random streets. and never catch anything.. so why make it bad for  today's eyewitness reporters so to speak ..

Honestly yeah I agree that it’s interfering  with police work, but only if its a near by camera. because its obvious that ur taping..  

as for me, I might be yards away from what I'm recording. just to stay out of the way.    other than that. IMO It’s a free country every one should be allowed to record anything done publically.    

You wouldn’t turn CNN away, right?

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