Sunday, March 07, 2010

All The New Stuff, I want something new..

There was something I wanted tO write about. it just hadn't sparked my Mind yet.
Today I Took a Trip Through The Parish and on To Slidell to search for a Laptop with my Brother In Law. His PC recently Crashed and cant be recovered at this time (yeah it overheated).. at the same time, I was looking at some external hard drives. most were about $80 for a 500GB.  I thought it was cool, but I think what I want to do is get a portable drive just to create a live disk on.  I think I'll wait til after I'm working to try that though.  I'm down to my last change just about.

Oh man, I came home and there was a New Monitor, that sucka is large!.. i think its 19 inches tall and 20 Wide or something, and was made to view 1080p videos Perfectly! lol

I may take the old monitor and set up another PC in this house. .. but where? lol!  I wouldn't know

I swear though man, If I get a 7 it has to be better than my moms.. I may have to get a Mac!  because i need Final Cut Pro!
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