Saturday, March 06, 2010

Seems like everytime im busy somebody wants some other stuff done..

It all started Mardi Gras Season, I was asked to do The X-Treme Motion shirt designs (simple font on a shirt)  and a Logo.. I got that done, the only thing that slowed me down with them was Mardi Gras Season. I was taping parades and doing designs, at the end of the day.everything was good. eventually Smokey asked for a Mardi Gras Season sign for his videos.. I'm like "dude u can type it on the screen"  but i did it for him.. Somewhere In The Midst of that,hat of that Airee asked me to do a flyer. It was all good because I told that she'd have to wait until Mardi Gras was over before I could start. It was done in 2 days as of Last Week.

Soon after, some dude hit's me up "hey I like how you did Airee's Flyer "Can You Do Me One" .( i should have told him NO) . I asked him what he wanted... He sent me a link which led to 3 blury pictures and was saying He wanted me to cut them out like Airee's...  the next day he hit me up saying that he wanted to use DT's most recent profile pic.  What was bad about that is the hands and feet were nor fully displayed.  I told him that. then he Asked Airee for the OK to use her pic... then he came to me saying " I want it like hers but  use the words i sent u and add the two pictures" .. the bad part about that is.. Where would I put the other two and how will they even Blend.. the pics arent good enuff, I tole this dude that. . He hit me up 2 days later and asked me if I had done it... I told him No.. because by then I was busy doing  repairs on the PC's I'm Currently working on..

On to Something Else.. Okay So I'm working On these PC's I have a whole Lot on my plate already.. Frank asked me to make him an Album cover.. I owe him one he's been asking for a year... but Aside from that. I got up to a Text from Jermani asking me to contact Trecia about them shirts because the resolution's not well enough to make shirst out of... Trish gave me the info to the lady who's ordering the im waiting for an email from the guy who's actually doing the screen printing,

.Also Yesterday I got PC Calls from my Cousin  who wanted to know if I had a Modem because she needed one to get her internet cut back on.  So I gave her My Modem .. and then she came asking me to search for Information for her Sons School Project... Im like Man I cant do that I'm busy.. Bad enough i just gave you something you didn't want to pay for... Now you need me to do a whole school project? .. Im not just printing. I'm gonna be putting all the stuff together.. finding out whos doing what when and where. I told her to Call me Monday with that because I'm Busy today and tommorow..

Talk about Odd Jobs and Random Task.. The cold part is that I'm only getting paid for one of the jobs that I'm doing. the Others were either Favors or just a situation where I cant fix a persons Overheated PC issue so im giving her money back..  But hey.. I upped the Prices on them.

My Only thing is, Now I think I'm gonna Start Riting Out Reports for people so that they'd know what I'm doing to the PC's

it's fair to Them IMO.  but as for all the Free stuff. I MUST QUIT. lol  I will charge Someday.. just not

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